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Anne was born in England and has extensive global experience having travelled, worked and lived in Europe, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and UK.

She has a passion for making a positive difference and this world a better place, protecting our environment and helping people. Anne combines her Corporate Executive Management and Holistic Health & Wellbeing/Spiritual experience to help people, communities and organisations.

She has held global senior executive roles including working as a Director of her own management consultancy and holistic services centre, (providing services to individuals and organisations such as Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children, Red Cross, Socog (Sydney Olympic Games), Sanitarium Health Foods, Sitel,, Gold Coast City Council, Trade New Zealand, Welsh Development Authority, Moco, IBM.

Prior to establishing her own business, Anne held the positions of  Deputy General Manager of Sitel Levita (an outsourcing organisation with 2,700 staff), General Manager / National Group Business Development Manager of TNT Integrated Logistics responsible for joint ventures, strategic alliances and part of a team reporting to the Board leading the integration of 27 operating companies into one company, National Call Centre and Sales Manager, Global Key Accounts Manager for DHL, Marketing Manager Jet Set Tours, Disco Promotions Manager EMI Records.

Anne has won awards for developing and delivering an Advanced Diploma in Management to major government organisations and has chaired, presented and facilitated training and workshops for IIR Conferences, IQPC, Smartnet and the Call Centre Association.

She has developed individually tailored training/coaching programmes in Stress management, health and vocal care and delivered these to major corporations and individuals requiring help.  This has included working with abused teenagers and adults with addictions to help them to relax and openly work through their issues and become inspired from within to improve their lives.

To assist with working to help individuals and corporations to prevent / break cycles of abuse she has studied NLP counselling, Life coaching, Stress management, Mediation, Art & Colour Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation and gained qualifications as a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master, Teacher and Healer.

Inspiration Fundraising Limited is the trading non for profit organisation which Anne has founded to help raise funds needed to launch and sustain "Unite and Reinspire Ltd” and when appropriate assist other non for profit/charity organisations - uniting people together regardless of race, colour, education, background and religion to be humanitarian listen to their conscience and proactively prevent and break cycles of abuse to individuals, communities and our environment. 

Please donate to Inspiration Fundraising Ltd and empower yourself to make a positive difference to individuals suffering from poverty, addictions and abuse and protecting our environment from abuse for the sake of this and future generations.

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