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About Us

Our aim is to raise funds & awareness and enable "Unite and Reinspire Ltd" to provide services which inspire change from within individuals and communities  to prevent and break cycles of abuse.

The majority of these funds will be used to fund the causes supported by "Unite and Reinspire Ltd" and help to ensure all charitable projects undertaken truly make a positive sustainable  difference.

Abuse touches  the hearts and minds of individuals, communities and our environment.  Our approach is holistic rather than focusing on just one aspect of abuse. This includes assessing the causes of abuse not just the result and developing fundraising campaigns to fund the addressing of these causes in order to prevent & break the cycle.

With your valued help Inspiration Fundraising Ltd intend to develop services  which compliment those in existence within other charities/non for profit organisations specialising in poverty and abuse. We will fund sustainable  assistance , work individually and alongside other providers to ensure there are no gaps in the provision of help people need. 

Occasionally funds may be allocated to other like minded ethical non for profit/charity organisations to ensure their projects aimed at poverty and abuse are successful. (For example ,a well known domestic abuse organisation in Kent has insufficient funding to operate at present, and as it has been performing well we are considering allocating sufficient funds to help them to continue, and then working alongside them knowing we are complimenting the services they offer and people in the area they are in will not go without the help they need.)

Our fundraising activities are aimed at raising funds to assist with helping people regardless of race, religion, culture, background and education. 

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